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Brownells Ladies 3 Gun Pro-Am Challenge 2014

We are excited to announce our founder, Jonti Bolles, will be attending and participating in the 1st Annual Brownells Lady 3 Gun Pro-Am Challenge in October 2014. Come join us and meet the other great women and volunteers putting on this great event. 

3 Gun Challenge for Women - Women in Shooting Sports

Over 200 women and supporters will assemble in Georgia this October 30-Nov 1 to participate in the 3 Gun Nation Ladies Challenge. Professionals will be teamed with beginners in each squad to foster the adoption and team work present in the women's shooting sports.

Follow along at PrideOps for more information as we practice, prepare and take to the field in our first Pro-Am Challenge. Want to learn more about 3 Gun, let us help you prepare with one-on-one training. 

Visit the official site to learn more about this event - Brownells Lady 3 Gun Pro-Am