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For the man or woman who has everything, or the novice beginner getting started, there is little difference. The amount of decision making to purchase guns or accessories can be overwhelming. How do you find sound advice or narrow the results?

Products we recommend and help select:

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Learn how to choose a gun and accessories

Let us listen to you and customize your shopping list and selection with our shopping consulting.

What we can do for you and your family:

  • Learn about your interests
  • Listen to your shooting goals (sports, self-defense, investment?)
  • Help determine your budget if needed
  • Prioritize needs and wants for accessories
  • Visit local stores or gun shows with you *
  • Consult online to help those living in other locales

Once we listen and learn about you and your goals, we can customize and help select a reasonable set of options for you to consider and purchase for yourself or gifts of accessories.

Family Selection of Guns and Firearms

Your family has decided it is the right time to purchase guns. Possibly for investment and home defense. Having a plan for cross-training, compatibility of parts and knowledge should be essential components of your decision.

Have you ever picked up a smartphone of a different model or platform? How quickly can you figure out how to make a call or take a photo? Now imagine doing the same in a stressful situation with a firearm. Nearly impossible.

Selecting a complimentary set of guns and self-defense items that work well for everyone, but fit each individual can be daunting. Let Pride Ops help plan your investment and safety needs.

Holiday and Special Occasion Shopping for Guns and Accessories

Purchase the perfect accessories for firearms including holsters, concealed carry options, cleaning kits, upgrade options. Special Occasions are a great time to make your favorite gun enthusiast happy with accessories to advance their hobby or sport. But, how do you know what they want if you aren’t as knowledgeable? Don’t have time to learn and read everything? We can listen to you, ask the right questions to narrow your results and make recommendations. Shop with confidence for holiday or anytime gifts for your gun collector or sports shooter.

* All local, state and Federal gun laws will be followed. We do not purchase for you, but can help as a consultant with reviews and information to help determine the best options for you to make informed decisions.

Contact Pride Ops to learn how to choose a gun and accessories.