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Coin LionPride Ops was officially founded in 2013 to focus on training and mindfulness in self-defense and technology.

Woman owned and operated by Jonti Bolles and team, we provide training and consulting for women and men to feel safe, learn and enjoy shooting sports, and protect themselves and their family while gaining health and maintaining fitness.

Search Engine Marketing and Online Advertising help businesses reach their customers on the web. In addition to firearms training and competition, we manage a select groups of successful businesses to grow their reach via local and national search campaigns

Jonti Bolles

Sharing knowledge, skill and training with others who are interested in protecting and empowering their lives is a wonderful gift. A background in preparedness, fitness, nutrition and self-defense combine to provide a comprehensive strategy for safely enjoying this world and teaching others to do the same.

I have been actively involved with firearms for over 30 years, studied Instructional Design and Training, taught students in Architecture at the University level and counseled families on selection and use of firearms, safety and preparedness. I began shooting as a teenager in Texas on both the 4H and FFA Rifle teams and have maintained a CHL since they were issued in Texas. My challenge is to bring a sense of safety, empowerment and fun back to families in a time when more and more women are discovering ownership of firearms.

Texas CHL Instructor

NRA Certified Pistol Instructor

Association of Defensive Shooting Instructors

NRA Range Safety Officer


  • AlphaSAR Search and Rescue Training Conference
  • Advanced Tactical Training with Instructors including Nikki Turpeaux, Rob Pincus, and more.
  • Peak Condition Project Fitness and Nutrition


  • National Rifle Association
  • Texas State Rifle Association
  • A Girl and A Gun Shooting League
  • Association of Defensive Shooting instructors
  • Houston Metro Friends of NRA - Treasurer for 2015