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Family Training (Moms), Executive Assistant Training, and Professionals Training in Self-Defense and Preparedness

Training for Executive Assistants, professionals or those wanting to protect their family brings certain responsibilities. Along with the physcial requirements of training, there is an emotional or mental aspect that must be coached and prepared. We all have a warrior fight or flight principle encoded to our minds, but managing and controlling between those two options with a clear and thoughtful mind is a matter of training.

Let Pride Ops with years of ethical experience design a self-defense program for you and your team.

Contact Pride Ops self-defense and training team to learn how we have helped other companies reach their potential to safely protect themselves and others.

Specialized Training Services include:

  • Executives and Professionals
  • Executive Assistants
  • Woman Owned Businesses
  • At home Professionals and Moms
  • Elderly or physically limited citizens

We can design a personal training program for you or your team. Feel safe and confident in your preparedness and self-defense from Pride Ops Training.

Call or email us today for more information today!