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LTC Class - NW Houston - Reschedule



We are going to reschedule this class in the near future. No LTC class Sunday. 

We are hosting a CHL / LTC outdoors, but under the pavilion. It is going to be held on Sunday, March 6th and starts at 9:00. Please arrive 30 minutes early to complete class paperwork and orientation.

Cost is $70 per person and this does not cover your ammo or gun rental if needed.

Also, keep in mind this is just the LTC class fee. The actual state fee for registration is separate. The actual range time will be held immediately following the class that morning at a local range in NW Houston.We are still working out the details with a local range, so I'm not certain at this time where it will be. 

The four hours of classroom instruction will cover the information needed for the written test. The written test has 25 questions.

Shooting Proficiency Test:

  • 50 rounds shot from 3 different distances at a B-27 silhouette target.
  • 20 rounds fired at 9 ft
  • 20 rounds fired at 21 ft
  • 10 rounds fired at 45 ft

If you have questions you can contact Jonti Bolles, your instructor, at

Begin your state application at this site:

Additional costs will include the range fee for the qualification after the classroom portion, state application fee and fingerprinting fee. 

The Texas LTC course does not include instruction on how to operate your firearm. You are expected to be proficient prior to attending class. If you are unsure of your shooting abilities, you may consider taking a private lesson prior to attending class. You may also schedule a private lesson to complete the range qualification. 


Sun, March 6, 2016
9 a.m. - 1 p.m.
(GMT-0500) US/Central


Houston, TX 77429